Infants and Toddlers:

Beyond Cribs and Rattles® provides caregivers an understanding of the unique educational needs of children age birth to three and how important the development of play skills is to their later school success.

Twos, Preschool and Pre-K:

The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum is designed to provide a blend between a developmental and a didactic approach to working with young children. This theme series will provide teachers with lesson ideas that will allow opportunities to offer direct information while allowing children to experiment and explore materials in order to create their own knowledge.  The Beyond Centers and Circle Time® Curriculum theme series is written to offer support to educators and parents who wish to maintain a balance between supporting their child’s acquisition of skills and knowledge that will prepare him/her for later school success and the joys and delights of experiencing a playful childhood.

Each theme will provide four weeks of activities that include early morning set-ups, sharing circles, outside play ideas, center time experiences, and literacy circles.